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A List of Surprising Americans

I'm thrilled to unveil the official list of people I assumed were from other countries but who are, in fact, from the United States. The country I assumed they were from is in parentheses.

-Tim Burton (UK)

-Peter Dinklage (UK)

-Adrian Brody (Australia)

-Stanley Kubrick (UK) [1]

-Dana Carvey (Canada)

-The B-52's (UK)

-Dave Coulier (Canada) [2]

-Glenn Close (UK)

-Adam Scott (Canada)

-Green Day (Canada)

[1] Kubrick moved to England in 1961 and stayed there almost exclusively, but he was more than 30 years old by that point.

[2] In my defense, Coulier's mom is from Canada, and I think it's fair to say he plays this up (hockey jerseys, dating Alanis Morissette, general vibe). Another shocking revelation: Coulier's character on Full House is not the kids' uncle-- he's Danny Tanner's best friend. I would have bet ten million dollars that Dave Coulier is the Canadian guy who plays Uncle Joey on Full House. Thank god no one offered me that exact bet.


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