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Best Things: New Entries

Just added some new entries to my Best Things list.

Congrats to the latest inductees:

  • Old computer screensavers

  • New TV screensavers (city flyovers preferred)

  • Seeing the latest cover of a magazine for the first time

  • Sneaking a few pepperonis off of a pre-cooked frozen pizza

  • Tackle boxes that open up into various compartments

  • Tiny holiday town dioramas

  • Pushing the buttons on a soft drink lid

  • The moon during the day

  • Three-nut peanuts

  • Fire escapes on old brick buildings

  • Houses that used to be schools

  • Businesses that used to be houses

  • Learning about landmarks from the sides of U-Haul trucks

  • The pizza reveal when you crack open the box

  • Seeing the other side of a train platform through the brief spaces between cars of a passing train

  • Books with ribbons/bookmarks built into them

  • Those POV driving/countdown sequences before the movie starts at a theater

  • Subway station tiles

  • When a movie based on real life shows the actual people as the closing credits start

  • Striped railroad crossing gates (bonus points if aloft)

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Curtis Swartzendruber
Curtis Swartzendruber
Feb 05, 2023

Big Entry for Pizza and Railroads

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